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Planning birthday parties for kids requires much more than picking a cake, inviting friends and filling a room with balloons for decoration. Children in this generation are more demanding, and they usually like parties that portray a particular theme.

One of the kid’s party themes in demand is the Bumble Bee motif. This theme works well for an outdoor event lasting from late afternoon to early evening.

Here are some of the things that make up a Bumble Bee Party Theme:

Party Décor
Party décor is the ultimate and primary way to achieve any theme in particular. For the Bumble Bee theme, create bumble bee figures from crafting paper with the help of your child and his/her friends to keep them involved. Place them randomly or strategically on different plants in your garden.

You can also place them on the food table to keep the vibe alive. Another thing you can do is string yellow and black crepe paper strips around the seats, table and plants. This will not only help mark the area of the party, but will also serve as easy décor.

As mentioned before, the ideal time for the party would be mid-afternoon till early evening (parents may not like the idea /approve night timings). You would then need some form of lighting when it starts getting dark.

Lanterns are a great way to add lighting as well as an extra piece of décor to the party. Solar lanterns like the ones at PartyLights.com come in yellow and dark gray, and can perfectly match the theme colors of the bumble bee party. Furthermore, you would also save on electricity costs so they can be an ideal frugal addition.

Birthday Cake
The birthday cake is the cherry on top in terms of sealing the theme of the party. Decide on a design for the cake, keep the entire family involved to get the best ideas, and let the birthday kid pick the final design (unless you plan a surprise cake design).

You can always order the cake, but if you have all the tools and ingredients available, feel free to bake it yourself. This would make the cake and birthday even more memorable for your child. However, if you have never tried your hand at baking, it is advisable to go for a pre-made one with the theme.

Party Favors
Party favors play an essential part and a way of saying ‘Thank you for coming!’ to the guests. For a bumble bee party, they can be very simple things such as candies or toys.

Choose anything you prefer and then serve it in a manner that is in line with the theme. You can buy small plastic cups and fill them with candy, cover the lid with a bumble bee theme tissue or gift wrap and tie it up with a ribbon.

Planning any kind of party should not just be a matter of buying stuff and putting it together. For a true family affair, keep everyone involved, ask their opinions and give them credit for putting in the effort. Make it a family project. This way, you will be able to throw an amazing party with the minimum of spending and maximum of fun.

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