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Maintaining your child’s health requires regular visits to the dentist for cleanings. It is recommended that cleanings take place very six months. The first hurdle, however, is to get your child over their fear before they see the dentist for the first time. Many children often fear the dentist as they are unsure of what will take place. It is very natural for them to feel scared of things that are unknown to them. There are some ways you can help. To prepare your child for their first dentist visit, consider the following 4 tips:

4. Role Play

One of the most important things a parent can do to prepare for their child’s first dentist visit is to engage in some role playing about dental care. Take turns being the dentist and, when it is your turn, try to explain everything you are doing. You can also get some stuffed animals or dolls involved in this activity and let your child practice their own dental skills on them. This may help your own child to feel more comfortable when it is their turn with the dentist.

3. Talk about Teeth Regularly

It is also important to make sure that you talk about teeth on a regular basis. The more you discuss with your child how to keep their teeth in great condition the more comfortable they will be in getting regular cleanings. During these dental talks, let them know what they can expect at their first appointment to help them feel more at ease.

2. Be a Good Example

Experts from the York & Bay Dental Office also stress how important it is for the parent to be a good example for their child. Letting your child watch you when you brush will help them in developing good dental care. Encourage them to copy you. If you let them accompany you to your own Hamilton family dentist for a cleaning, it will show them that there is nothing to fear when going to the dentist.

1. Visit the Office Prior to Their Appointment

Finally, you want to take your child to visit the dentist’s office prior to their appointment. Most offices are very understanding and will encourage these types of visits. Let them see the office and introduce them to the office staff. Allowing your child a few moments to play in the waiting area can help you to ease their anxiety before their actual appointment.

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