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There are many pertinent lessons that you will teach your child throughout life, but some of the most important ones will be lessons in hygiene and outward appearance. Appearances can say a lot about people, but your children might be too young to understand that. That is why it’s your job to show them how to maintain a healthy and pleasing appearance, and why it’s important.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

As you would probably expect, maintaining a healthy weight is the first step in helping your child keep their looks up. Weight gain, in society, is generally regarded as unhealthy and unattractive, and it can have a very real impact on social situations and future potential. Teach your children the importance of exercising and making smart choices when choosing foods to eat.

Keeping Up with Oral Health

Keeping tabs on oral health is also the best way to maintain that “pearly white” color in teeth. If you’re having trouble showing your children the importance of taking care of their teeth, consider enlisting the help of your child’s dentist or orthodontist to explain it to them. This is also a good time to take care of any dental problems. According to Dunn Orthodontics, “As soon as their permanent teeth start to erupt, you can start to look for developing orthodontic problems.”

Odor Awareness

The way a person smells can also have a significant impact on their acceptance and roles in social situations. Teach your children about the importance of bathing daily, wearing deodorant, and masking body scents using perfumes and colognes. (Editor’s note: there are also many natural ways to deal with odors that don’t rely on scented products. In this day and age of environmental allergies, colognes and perfumes can actually cause more trouble for some individuals.)

Wearing Clean Clothing

A child’s choice in clothing and whether or not it is taken care of or washed can say a lot about him/her. Your goal is to help your child maintain a healthy and clean outward appearance by showing them why it’s good to wash clothes frequently and not wear ones that have already been worn.

Keeping Clear, Moisturized Skin

Moisturized and clear skin can also say a lot about a person and their concern for their body. You can help your children maintain their skin by purchasing exfoliation and acne scrub products for them to use in the morning and night.

Staying on Top of Feminine Hygiene

Lastly, parents with daughters should recognize how important it is to educate them on feminine hygiene. Staying on top of feminine hygiene can eliminate odors, potentially embarrassing situations, and it can even reduce the risk that she will come into contact with toxic shock syndrome. If you’re a father raising a daughter, it might help to reach out to females around you for tips and advice on how to talk to your daughter about this type of hygiene.

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