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Benefits of parents reading to their children beyond the child’s performance
Every parent would like to see their children grow up as smart individuals with a good dose of common sense. Your choice of school and education route will reflect how much you support your child and want them to have the best start in life possible. However, it may surprise you to know that one of the most basic ways to improve a child’s intelligence is to read to them!

mom reading book to son

Develop a relationship with books
Parents who read to their children form a special bond that allows your child to enjoy time with you, and gives them the opportunity to rest from their constant exploration of the world around them. Allow them to pick the genre, and they’ll surely enjoy spending time cuddling up with a good book.

Early learning abilities
Research has shown that parents who read to babies and toddlers will create children who have an aptitude for learning. Children who have been read to and seen the written word before they start pre-school are more likely to do well at school as they will already have an understanding of basic concepts.

Improved speech
Reading broadens anyone’s vocabulary. If you are reading to your child you will be exposing them to new words and to the basic reading skills which they will require as they grow. Pre-school children will generally be able to pretend to read a book and accompany it with a mixture of sounds; this shows they have an understanding of the written word. You will also be introducing your child into the right way to read a book; from left to right, this is not a skill anyone is simply born with!

2 toddlers looking at book

Children who are read to are more likely to develop good communication skills. This is because they will see and learn from how the characters in the story behave and interact; they will then mimic this behavior.

Children who read will generally have a broader vocabulary. They will also have a better understanding of language, including sentence structure and grammar. This may be a sub-conscious understanding but it will be a viable base which can be built on as they mature.

Logical thinking
Books and stories show children how to deal with problems and how to logically think an issue through and arrive at a workable solution. These issues may be very simple in their stories but the principle of how to deal with them carries through to every aspect of life; it is a vital skill which can be taught by simply reading to them!

New experiences
There are several key points in children’s lives which can be terrifying! Starting or changing school is one example. You can alleviate the stress your child is under by telling them a story which will relate to the experience they are going through and help them to find the right path forward. The story can also help them to realize that the anxiety and the process is normal.

There has been a large amount of research into the effects of reading on children’s concentration. Research shows that children who are read to will find it easier to concentrate on a task. This will lead to a longer attention span, a better ability to concentrate and a strong level of self discipline; all beneficial skills as they grow.

preschool age boy holding book

Reading books to your child will show them that reading is fun. You can enjoy the experience of reading and interacting with your child and the storyline. This will encourage them to repeat the experience when reading to themselves. It can become a useful means of escaping from the real world for a short while. They are also more likely to choose to read rather than watch TV or play video games as they mature.

Reading is incredibly beneficial to all who are doing it; fortunately, it is never too late to start. Parents who care about the education of their little ones should start as early as possible. However reading shouldn’t be induced by force; be their role model and allow them time to become interested in reading. With a bit a luck they’ll become curious, and before you know it you’ll end up with a bookworm child.