Family Matters – 5 Great Ways to Teach Your Children to Enjoy Chores

Chores are certainly not your child’s favorite responsibility in life, but making chores a requirement can teach your child valuable life lessons that he or she can use later on in adulthood. Doing work is not always going to be 100 percent appealing to children who prefer to play and live a worry-free life, but […]

5 Gadgets That Will Bring the Family Together

When it comes to family the time you spend together matters most, especially as the oldest members of the family continue to age. Cross-generational bonding is at an all-time low, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some pretty simple ways to bring the extended family together, grandparents to grandkids, and make the time […]

My Sweet Boys

Here is my weekly post about sweet boys at Forever Parenting] Ugh. I had such an awful headache today. I noticed it when I woke up, then it got worse as the day went on. During the history lesson the older boys and I wound up in a massive discussion about attitudes and how they […]