Building a Better Student: Intellectual Arrogance

I never thought I’d write an article like this. After working with students for more than twenty years to help them embrace the idea that Smart is Cool, I have to call out some students who have abused the notion. This might sting a little. We know that many bright kids throw away their education […]

Building a Better Student: Stumped

I co-host a morning radio show in Denver, and one of the most popular elements on the program is a feature called The Mindbender. It’s not trivia – which is something you either know or don’t – but rather a game that allows you to puzzle out the answer to a fun lifestyle question. For […]

Building a Better Student: Empathy

Have you ever watched a child struggle with a homework assignment or a school project? They sit at the table and grimace, one hand supporting their head while the other flips through a lesson that they don’t understand. Sometimes you get exasperated, and you want to say, “How can you not get this? It’s so […]

Is a Doctorate Degree a Good Goal for Your Kids?

Source: Earnest Parenting: help for parents who take their children’s education seriously.

Encouraging Education: Tailored Learning to Help Children Succeed

In today’s world, many children find themselves not fully understanding what is being delivered in their classrooms, and are often hesitant to speak up about it for fearing of looking stupid in front of their peers. This leads to gaps in their knowledge, which only become worse with time if not remedied. So how can […]

Helping Kids Prepare for Testing is a Parenting Job

I haven’t written much personally over the past year or two, mainly because the older boys are solidly in their teen years, and I’m not willing to overshare their lives. You know? Suffice to say, stuff is happening. ALL the time. I’ve thought about writing it down and then waiting several years to actually publish. […]